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Logo & Maskot

Asian Paragames 2018 Logo


The concept that is brought this year is ‘Harmony’, which is a form of harmonious and balance within the natural environment and our surroundings in living the life The circle shaped logo representing harmony/balance that is formed by the diversified nations all over Asia, altogether harmoniously shines to the world as ‘The Energy of Asia’. Collection of pieces forming a circle represents the silhouette of Gelora Bung Karno Stadium from top view. Gelora Bung Karno will be the main venue of the Asian Games 2018 Silhouette of a moving man in the center of the circle symbolize a form of movement of ‘The Energy of Asia’, the movement of Asian Para Games 2018 athletes achieving victory. The 3 curves in 3 colors surrounding the man’s silhouette serve as the diversified nations of Asia that move all together as a unity in harmony for mutual achievement.

Blue : represents the sky
Orange : represents the sun
Green : represents nature
Purple : represents proximity
Red : represents spirit

The sky, The sun and Nature are the three basic elements in Asian philosophy of Living, in which togetherness is one of the most important factor in a way of living as well. The color purple that represent wisdom, loyalty and pride is the spirit of solidarity.

Asian Paragames 2018 Mascot MOMO


MOMO (motivation and mobility) is the official mascot of the Asian Para Games 2018. The mascot is a graphic visualization of Bondol Eagle (haliastur indus). The eagle only lives in 1000s’ island (pulau seribu) area with easily recognized bright white color from head to chest, while other part of its body is dark brown. Due to it’s small population, Bondol eagle is categorised as endangered species by the United Nations.