Information to Visitor Regarding Carrying Transceiver Equipment

According to Republic of Indonesia Telecommunication Act No. 36/1999, the use of radio frequency in Indonesia is regulated by Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) Republic of Indonesia. The use of transceiver equipment emitting radio frequency for and during Asian Para Games 2018 event need to get permission from MCIT. Delegation, Contingent/Athlete, Sport Federation, Olympic Committee, Broadcaster, Press/media, Sponsorship and Visitors who carry transceiver equipment such as:

  • telecommunication equipment;
  • handheld radio (handy-talky);
  • fixed and mobile microwave link;
  • broadcasting equipment;
  • wireless camera;
  • wireless microphone;
  • In-Ear-Monitor (Feedback); and
  • any other equipment emitting radio frequencies *)

are required to obtain following licenses:

  1. Equipment Entry Permit Recommendation

Entry Permit Recommendation of transceiver equipment issued by MCIT is required for clearance process in Custom.

  1. Temporary Radio Station License

Temporary Radio Station License is required for every transceiver equipment. MCIT allocates radio frequency used for every transceiver in order to prevent harmful interference from and to other existing transceivers. The applicant is obliged to use given radio frequency with technical parameter such as transmit power, bandwidth and area of operation as specified in the license. Temporary Radio Station License is valid only during Asian Para Games 2018 event.

*) Personal telecommunication devices such as laptop, tablet and mobile phone are exempted from both licenses.


For Diplomatic purpose, the application is submitted through Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic Indonesia before it is forwarded to MCIT.

Further information and a registration form can be downloaded in the following links.

Information on Transceiver Equipment

Application Form for Transceiver Equipment Registration of Asian Para Games 2018